The Buturlin-Shakhovsky Estate "Marinka"

Family Estate for Sale from Owner

A unique mix of proximity to Moscow and isolation from urban commotion

Exceptional construction opportunities new buildings for:

Modern Family Manor Boutique Hotel Isolated producer center with a recording studio
55 min
35 min to
Domodedovo and
Zhukovsky Airports
Helicopter access
10 min to Airport
Unique gothic

About the Property

The property consists of already existing real estate objects with an area over 3600 sq.m. located on a 6.5 ha. estate (#1) (ownership), and a 21.5 ha landscape park with cascade ponds.

Part of the remaining Buturlin-Shakhovsky manor complex is present on the land plot #1. The authorship is attributed to V.I. Bazhenov and its style is a continuation of that of Tsaritsyno Palace in Moscow, one of the most beautiful architectural objects of that time.

These buildings occupy a small part of the land, which enables the construction of new buildings in the remaining territory at the discretion of the new owner

Property Features

The property has a unique location: 55 minutes away from Moscow and fairly close to two Airports (Domodedovo and Zhukovsky)

Trip to each is around 35 minutes, which combines the absence of noise pollution with extremely comfortable access time.

Helipad construction is possible, even further enhancing the transport convenience.

The property is located in the "absolute" ecology zone with many eco-friendly food producers in the close vicinity.

Property History

The history of the Mariinka Estate dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. The right of possession passed to the Buturlin family, included in the Velvet Book of the nobility of Russia, as the dowry of Anna Vasilyevna Khlopova (1708-1770), wife of Dmitry Ivanovich Buturlin (1703-1790). A successor to the eminent noble family, Dmitry Ivanovich was a college assessor, owned many villages and villages, including the famous village of Palekh, the ancient center of iconography. The Mariinka Estate owner was a prominent Freemason, so it is not surprising that in the 1780s the construction of a manor began in the style of pseudo-Gothic began by the architect V. I. Bazhenov, who also belonged to the "brotherhood". Unfortunately, the palace building, as well as the theater and some park constructions (grottoes, pavilions, main gates) have not survived. Several buildings of that time are still present: the white-stone three-altered church in honor of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (according to legend, at this place Rev. Sergius of Radonezh said goodbye to the regiments of Grand Duke Dmitry, going on Kulikovo Field); horse yard and office buildings. In addition to the buildings, a park complex with ponds, green spaces, and the structure of the estate, which can be recreated in the style of the late 18th century, breathing new life into it.